Veterinary Laboratory

The main breeding activity consists of the process of inseminating selected mares with semen from specially chosen stallions from the most reliable pedigree, in order to favour the birth of potential new athletic horses.

Installed at the stables of Cantù;, the veterinary laboratory is totally equipped with all the necessary technology to ensure success in the insemination process.


  • 1 cryogenic container;
  • 1 water-bath container for the process of seminal thawing;
  • 1 heating device for controlling the temperature of the semen;
  • 1 microscope.

The veterinary station consists of 4 parallel spaces, connected by a covered corridor, namely:

  1. Frozen semen storage;
  2. Laboratory for thawing and analysis of semen; medications and nursing storage;
  3. Room for specific visits of the mares before the insemination process;
  4. Artificial insemination room specially designed and built with tailor-made features.
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